About the Cheese Mistress

Elizabeth Bland ~

Why do you love cheese so much?

I hear this question a lot and don't understand why it needs even be asked! I love cheese for its great flavor and texture, its never-ending parade of personalities, its nutrition, its serving and cooking options, and the sources that bring it into existence - land, animals, people, traditions, and passions.

I am originally from Alabama and lived in Austin, Texas for some time. In 2006 I moved to the NYC area where I worked as a cheese marketer, copy editor, and food writer for an importer of specialty foods. I also do freelance writing for both trade and consumer publications, as well as local newspapers. Don't be surprised if you see me demoing cheese in your favorite Tri-State Area shop!


My passion for cheese started in France where I first tasted raw millk. I continued my language studies and travels to Europe, and tried many cheeses along the way. I specialized in language and linguistics at the universities. I now speak French, Italian, and German. centralmarket.com

I abandoned academia and worked in the cheese department at Central Market in Austin, Texas, and taught cheese  and cheese/wine pairing classes at UT Informal Classes. I also have catered cheese/wine parties and led tastings for groups. In Brooklyn, I worked in cheese for Pomegranate, a specialty kosher grocery.

I keep casual notes of any cheese I eat at the Cheese Log and my Cheese Blog. For more formal writing, visit Cheese Writing, a link to my commercial pieces.

I'm often spotted running around in strange costumes, especially when I do cheese demos for specialty shops or trade shows! I also love cheesy shoes, boots, and hats.


"What is your favorite cheese?" I am often asked. I adore any type of goat cheeses, aged or fresh. I am a huge fan of northern Italian cheeses. I have no favorite, but one cheese that I buy on a regular basis is the Crottin de Chavignol from France (translation: "horse droppings.") The name is hideous and the cheese is not always pretty, but it tastes great at any age.

Cheese circa 2004

I love to hear from fellow caseophiles. Feel free to Write Me about any cheeses you think I should try, wine/cheese pairings, beer/cheese pairings, fruits, nuts, preserves, and anything else that involves my favorite food.


Mi Queso Es Su Queso!