Cheese Mistress

In Austin Texas, I taught classes on cheese and wine for Informal Classes at the University of Texas. I also organize guided "educational tastings" at private parties. Below is a list of the classes I have taught. I have extensive experience with many types of cheeses and wines and can tailor a class to your needs and interests. Classes and pairing consultation are available for individuals, businesses, and restaurants. Group classes last around 2 hours.

Course Descriptions

Cheese Tasting  Whether it's French fromage, Italian formaggio, German Käse, or Mexican queso, people love cheese! Learn about different types of cheeses ranging from fresh to aged and mild to fragrant. This class covers local, domestic, and international cheeses. We will discuss the cheese making process, various types of cheese (fresh, soft-ripened, blue, pressed, washed rind, cow, goat, and sheep), cheese traditions of the world, famous cheese dishes, shopping for cheese, creating cheese platters, and ideas for wine selection.


Intro to Cheese and Wine  Confused about which wine to pair with which cheese?  Join us to explore the exciting, yet sometimes mysterious, world of wine and cheese combinations.  This class will cover the basics of wine and cheese characteristics and how they complement each other.  Class tasting includes a variety of wines, each paired with two cheeses plus bread.  We will also discuss classic regional pairings and how to put together your own private wine and cheese tasting party. 


Vive Le Fromage!  “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?” Charles de Gaulle once asked. France, with its diverse regions and cuisine, is famous for its many luscious cheeses as well. Enjoy a guided dairy tour through Burgundy, Brie, the Loire Valley, the Alps, Provence, and the Basque country. Students will learn about the prominent cheese-producing regions of France, styles of cheese (fresh, soft-ripened, blue, pressed, washed rind, cow, goat, and sheep), cheese making in France, and ideas for wine selection.


All-American Wine and Cheese  Be patriotic! Eat and drink American! Thanks to good old American ingenuity, our country has finally joined the ranks of quality international cheese producers, and our daring, yet artful, wines are recognized worldwide. Join us to experience sublime pairings from California, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Texas, and beyond. This class will cover the basics of wine and cheese characteristics and how they complement each other. The tastings include six U.S. wines (sparkling, white, and red), each paired with a tasty, homeland cheese.


Beyond Mozzarella: Italian Cheese Tour Italian cheese is more than Parmesan powder in a green can! Let the Cheese Mistress guide you through the dairy-licious delicacies of this historic country where cheeses date back to Ancient Rome and medieval times. In this class, we sample 10 cheeses from both the north and the south of Italy. Italy’s lush northern pastures and valleys provide great fodder for cows. The south, with its hot climate and sparse vegatation, is ideal for smaller, sturdier goats and sheep. Included in the Italian cheese tasting are soft, spreadable cheeses, traditional Pecorinos, grating cheeses, and mountain cheeses.


Vino e Formaggio: Italian Wine and Cheese Italy is a food-lover’s dream come true. From the top of the boot to the heel, there are intriguing wines and cheeses to explore. In this class, we discuss styles of Italian wines – sparkling, white, and red – and how they pair with various cheeses of Italy. Italy boasts an eclectic countryside that gives forth fascinating wines and cheeses. The luscious pastures and mountains of the north yield delicate cow’s milk cheeses, while the rugged terrain of the south makes a great home for sheep and goats. Wines run the gamut from light and fruity to rustic. Join us for a tasty tour of the Bell’Italia!


La Dolce Vita: Italian Dessert Wines, Cheese, and Fruit What could be more heavenly than savoring sweet wines, delicate cheeses, and fresh fruits? Italians know the ancient secret of balance between flavors and aromas. This class explores dessert wines from northern, southern, and central regions of Italy. Dessert wines range from light and sparkling to richly smooth. These wines are excellent foils for Italy’s salty, tangy, nutty cheeses, and their flavors are enhanced by lush fruits – both dried and fresh – including figs, dates, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, dried cherries, pears, and plums. Italian Cheese and Cold Cuts  The Italian tradition of preserving milk as cheese, and curing meats for sausage dates back to Roman times. Before the days of refrigeration, dried meats and cheeses had a practical purpose – they provided sustenance during the lean months and ensured that no food was wasted. Soon people discovered that preserved foods complimented each other in an exciting way. Italian deli meats range from delicate and mild to spicy and robust. Cheeses, with their cream and acidity, make a great accompaniment to savory meats and Italian wines. The wines served include light, sparkling wines from the north and earthy, robust beverages from the south.

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